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Late goal spoils win, D.C. United settles for draw on the road

D.C. United heads home having gotten a point on the road against San Jose, it should have been three. The Black-and-Red should be returning to the east coast with their first win of the season. Instead, D.C. United is still in search of their first win of the year. They have a record of 0-2-3 through five matches and getting a road win this past weekend would of been great.

Still, the season is young and there’s a long way to go. That being said, there are areas of play that need to be cleaned up going forward. Below are a few observations from Saturday’s match against San Jose.

N&N – Nyarko and Neagle connected in the 34th minute for a brilliant tally to give their team a 1-0 lead. Nyarko would go down with an injury late in the game, but the two of them need a steady diet of touches going forward. Both are able to use their pace out wide to create for others and themselves.

Giveaways – This plagued the team last year as well, but this season it’s been far more costly. Fabian Espindola lost the ball late in the game after the team had dispossessed San Jose, Fabi got the ball out wide and had a chance to clear it, but tried to make a move and lost the ball. It led to a well placed cross ┬áthat was finished by Adam Jahn. He was subbed in late in the game and finished the service from Shea Salinas.

Too many touches – Yet again, D.C. continues to get in it’s own way. There have been a few possessions this season when the ball is moving quickly, rarely settling at the foot of one player. That is what they must do going forward, move the ball from side to side and attack. Far too often, it’s played up front and held to no avail.

Balance – In regards to marking, there has to be a balance. It’s clear that the backline has been asked to push up a bit and join the attack. But at what cost? Several times this season, different members of the backline have been caught out of position. They can do both, but must be prudent in deciding just how far to push up if they don’t all have the speed to get back.

Impressed – With Marcelo Sarvas suspended last game, Jared Jeffrey got a chance to start. He was solid in regards to his positioning. He held while DeLeon would get up field a bit to join the attack and was very aggressive in pursuing the ball. While he may not get many more starts this season, he did show that he’s a solid option should Sarvas or DeLeon be out for an extended period.


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