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Brooks and company bring a welcome “energy” to practice

The media was only able to watch the last 15 minutes of practice on the first day of the Washington Wizards Summer League Mini-Camp. Still, it was quite evident that Scott Brooks and staff were able to leave an impression on the gym full of youngsters. Not all coaches are able to reach young players, yet alone develop them. Brooks has a reputation of being able to develop young talent, in those 15 minutes it was easy to see why that rings true.

There was a definite energy in the practice gym, as Kelly Oubre Jr. mentioned afterwards, the staff provides energy for the players to feed off of. After a two hour practice, as time ran a bit over, nearly every player was excited upon leaving the court. Some didn’t want to leave as Brooks had to tell them that it was time to go.

It’s only one Summer League practice, definitely not a need to get too excited or take this out of context. Yet, it’s not hard to imagine how Brooks and his staff will impact the regular Washington roster, that’s not too much older than the Summer League group outside of a few players.

Washington has an open practice at the Verizon Center tonight, it’s free so it’d be a great chance to come out and see this “energy” that Oubre mentioned and the media got to witness last night.

Below are a couple of interviews after practice in which both Oubre and Daniel Ochefu mentioned the coaching staff. Oubre’s mention of the energy the staff brings is in the clip below.

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