Why Charles Barkley doesn’t speak on behalf of the black community

By Nathaniel Cooke of (Twitter: @MrUrbanSports)

First of all, it’s an honor and privilege to be write a piece for this great platform known as My Mind On Sports. Thinking about my first entry on the site I pondered what to write about.

 Going for a walk yesterday, I began to listen to a previous Bleacher Report podcast in which Turner Sports personality Charles Barkley once again pointed the finger at African Americans and stated “Black People need to police themselves.” This isn’t the first time that Chuck has come for black people in a way that is disturbing and distasteful.  Over the years, Chuck has come to the defense of the police in the Mike Brown case, calling Brown a thug and that police are needed to maintain order in the black community.

I’m not one to call people out and that has never been my style. But in the case of Chuck and the black community, Chuck needs to be called out for his attack on a community that has been under seized since the late 1600’s when the first African slaves landed in Virginia. I find Chuck to be extremely funny on the groundbreaking sports show Inside The NBA; his comments about the black community over the last few years have been nothing to laugh at.

This morning as I was going through twitter to receive my news for the morning and keep updated on the latest Draymond Green mess, I saw via The Washington that Chuck will soon have a show on TNT call “The Race Card.” My first thoughts were very uneasy because this new show will be another platform that Chuck will employ to take jabs at the black community. Plus, I think it’s a cheap gimmick of Kamau Bell’s United Shades of America show on CNN.

A show that constructs a door for open dialogue about race is what this country needs at this time.  There are already an oversaturation of shows that are aiming to profit off of the recent turmoil between police and communities of color.  If Chuck really wanted to do a show that bridges the relationship between police and disenfranchised communities, why wait until now? Maybe because it’s the most opportune time not for dialogue about change, but to continue to build Chuck’s brand when he decides to leave sports talk for good.

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