Lincoln Park complete improbable rally to take title

Basketball in the Summer of ’16 has come to an end, but not without a storybook finish. The 2016 George Goodman Summer League Finals have been completed and they did not disappoint, with Drew All-Stars and Lincoln Park as the last two teams standing.

Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones was honored before the Game 1 for his “contribution to D.C. basketball”. “Shaq,” as locals call him, has been a part of the And 1 and Ball Up family for over 10 years. He’s put in the time on the court and is and will go down as a streetball legend. As the game began, Shaq carried over the emotions of the pre-game ceremony into the game, scoring the first nine points for Lincoln Park. Drew answered every bucket leading to both teams trading baskets to finish the half. Rowland supplied a key tip in at the buzzer, putting Lincoln Park up one at the half.

Commissioner and play-by-play spokesman, Miles Rawls labeled this contest as “Detroit Pistons basketball”, describing the slow pace and defense oriented style both teams were playing. This continued, as the 2:00 mark arrived with Lincoln Park up six. Drew All-Stars fought back, led by Nate Flowers scoring six straight to force overtime with the score tied at 43.

The first two overtimes were also “Detroit Pistons basketball” as just a combined 14 total points were scored. In the final period, Lincoln Park pulled away courtesy of Zaid Hearst knocking down a barrage of threes.

Game 2 was an interesting one, as it had to be played twice. Commissioner, Miles Rawls suffered a heat stroke at the start of  the original Game 2, causing it to be rescheduled.

Drew All-Stars began the second version of Game 2 with a three point lead since they were up 3-0 at the time of the incident. Drews All-Stars made a key acquisition in the days before Game 2 was to be played. Tre Kelley, did not start the game but played a huge impact in Drew’s 30 lead at halftime. He could not be guarded and as Miles incited the crowd with a quick “are you not entertained” even though the answer was very clear.

As all good sports minds say, the game is not over until the clock his 0:00.

Drew All-Stars thought otherwise, figuring they were safe with a 40-11 lead. Lincoln Park’s Bruce Massey obviously didn’t care about the deficit and must truly believe in the saying that “basketball is a game of runs.”

Scoring all his points in the second half, a determined Massey led his team on a hellacious run. It started on the defensive end for Lincoln Park. They went to a hard denial of Kelly and forced the others to score. This caused Drew to only score four points in the second half. In the closing seconds of the game, Finals MVP Bruce Massey tipped in a Shaq miss to give Lincoln Park their very first lead of the game.

Up 45-44 with seven seconds remaining, Drew had many opportunities to score. They simply failed to execute, missing several point blank layups in the process. Labeled as “one of the best games ever inside the gates,” Lincoln Park took the 2016 championship by score of 45-44.

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