Shocker in Stillwater headlines Week 2 Review

It was another weekend of unpredictable football in the college ranks.  They aren’t any of the Top 25 games that the nation was treated to last week, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get the unexpected, jaw-dropping surprises we tend to get when the day is over.

Most notable was the game down in Stillwater between Central Michigan and Oklahoma State.  If you were a betting person this would have been a no brainer, and if this wasn’t college football, you would have went home happy.  However, it’s college football and no matter what, you can’t always leave the games up to the referees.  You have to go out and win on the field with no controversy.  Oklahoma State couldn’t do that and they got punished for it.  Some would probably say that they should have lost since they allowed Central Michigan to keep the game close, but there was no excuse for how the game ended Saturday afternoon.

Picture this, Oklahoma State has the ball fourth down five seconds to go.  Just need to run around to run out the clock.  Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph decides to take the snap and throw the ball in the air out of bounds to run out the clock.  The plan worked.  However, the referees decided that this is intentional grounding, and since it was a penalty and loss of down Central Michigan is awarded an untimely down; a huge mistake on the part of the officials.  The only time that a game can’t end on a penalty is when the defense commits it.

Central Michigan took advantage of the gift with a Hail Mary pass that was caught short of the end zone, but was lateraled back to Corey Willis who ran the ball in for a touchdown.  In the end the officiating crew immediately sent out an apology for the mishap and were suspended for their next scheduled game.

The SEC opened up their conference games with two outcomes that were a little surprising. The Gainesville crowd was treated to huge gator chomp of the Kentucky Wildcats by routing the ‘Cats, 45-7.  The game was over early before halftime.  Then, Will Muschamp was welcomed back to SEC conference play as a Head Coach when South Carolina was thumped by Mississippi State, who was looking to avenge a sickening loss to South Alabama last week.  Some coaches should stay in their place as coordinators and not be head coaches.

LSU was able to bounce back with a win against Jacksonville State.  However, Les Miles without Leonard Fournette, had to provide a spark in some way, and he got it from Danny Eting who came in to replace Brandon Harris who continued to struggle. Eting rallied the Tigers to get a 34-13 victory.

Is Clemson starting to wilt under the expectation to get back to the National Championship game?  Or is Deshaun Watson feeling the Heisman hype close in on him?  Either way the Cleamson Tigers have looked less than impressive.  Yes, they are 2-0, but they have looked far from dominant. A six point win against Auburn last week and a six point win against Troy at home this week.  All the while Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Michigan have impressed, and were rewarded in the latest poll.  The Tigers were dropped three spots to number five.

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