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Two weeks in, Cousins raising questions with his play

If you are a fan of the Washington Redskins, watching Kirk Cousins perform against the Steelers and Cowboys respectively, has been nothing short of painful. If you were “all in” on Cousins,  your well of excuses has now run dry. If you were in “wait and see” mode with Cousins, you may have come to the realization he’s more than likely not the answer. If you are in Jay Gruden shoes, you maybe think about the time where you named Kirk the 2015 starter, officially tying the two of you to the hip. The truth as we know it right no, Kirk’s outstanding 2015 season was an anomaly. There is still a chance for him to prove otherwise, but he’s making a great case to support the first statement.

Sunday against Dallas was another game in which the offense underachieved and ran it as little as possible. Washington was extremely unbalanced with 46 pass attempts to 17 rush attempts (15 actual hand offs), they were never out of the game at any point. Kirk was again given the opportunity to shoulder the load and lead this team to a win against Dallas. It’s time to wonder if the pressure may be too much for the young quarterback.

Washington fans remember Pre-2015 Cousins and how his mental approach to the game seemed “weak” or “fragile.” The type of boneheaded errors that can arguably get quarterbacks put out of the league were scarce in the second half of last season.

Yesterday’s game against Dallas was the type of outing that leads fans, media, and coaches to believe that the 2016 Kirk Cousins is likely no different than the 2014 version. For a quarterback who’s very protective of the football in the redzone, Kirk has thrown 2 interceptions to 1 touchdown to start this season. Prior to this season he had 32 touchdowns to zero interceptions in that area of the field. Not only are the redzone numbers frustrating to look at, it’s even worse to look at him actually play the position. The team has rewarded Cousins with weapons, paid him handsomely, and early on he has rewarded the team with nothing but more question marks.

A few of the main reasons fans, reporters, and analysts thought Kirk Cousins would improve were pretty sound and logical. He just finished his first full season as a starter, going into his third year into Jays system. There would be time to improve on play making and extension of plays, he has the staff and players fully behind him now.

However, it just hasn’t been the case through Washington’s first two games. Against Dallas on Sunday, Kirk had five major plays that led me to believed he is not much different from the 2014 version.

    • The overthrow intended to Jamison Crowder who was wide open deep down the field.
    • The overthrow intended to Desean Jackson who beat a double team.

    • The under throw intended to Pierre Garcon on a comeback route in the endzone.

    • The under throw completion to Josh Doctson.
    • The interception in redzone intended for Garcon.

All of those were scoring opportunities that Cousins was in control of, Washington finished the game with only 23 points where they could have easily been close to 40. Outside of these plays, Desean Jackson was missed on a few opportunities down the field. These five plays play into the line of thinking that Cousins is timid, unsure, confused, and erratic.

Heading into the season, most knew it was likely that the offense of Washington must keep their team in games because the defense was shaky.  Which means they have to strike on the opportunities given to them. If Cousins has no confidence in himself right now, 2016 will be a long season as the success of the season hinged on Cousins ability to get the job done. What would be the most disappointing thing about Cousins underachieving, is that a top five receiving corps may possibly underachieve from a production standpoint.

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