Los Angeles Lakers Season Previews

It is going to be a little weird watching the Lakers this season without “The Black Mamba.”

The Lakers have struggled the past few years, to say the least. From bad coaching to bad players, the Lakers could not get out of their own way. And it never helps when you have untrustworthy decision maker in the front office.

However, this is the start of a new era for the Lakers.

The Lakers get a championship-experienced coach in first time head coach Luke Walton. Along with head coach Steve Kerr, Walton lead the Warriors to a title in 2015 and the best regular season record in 2016. But what makes Walton the right man for the job is his age! Being 36 years old, Walton is one of the youngest coaches in the NBA and that’s perfect for the personal he has.

Think about this, The Lakers have 11 players under the age of 25 and out of those 11, five of them play more than 20 minutes a game. With Walton being younger, he can appeal to his team better which will help with chemistry both on and off the court.

D’Angelo Russell had a promising first season last year. Even with dealing the “Kobe Farewell Tour” and playing under a coach that seemingly did not want to play him, Russell had flashes of promise. With this being his sophomore season and more playing time, Russell will be able to develop his game, which LA needs.

Key additions this offseason were both forward Luol Deng and big man Timofey Mozgov. Both will bring much needed veteran leadership to a young team.

The biggest acquisition this offseason however came in the draft. Securing the number two pick, the Lakers chose Duke forward Brandon Ingram.  Ingram is a 6’9 small forward with a “Kevin Durant” like frame. His long arms (7’3 wingspan) make him a problem on both ends of the floor. His shooting ability from anywhere on the court will do wonders for Los Angeles. Being only 195 pounds could be a problem for him however, but that’s nothing a weight room and some milk can’t fix.

The Lakers will struggle this year. With new personal and young players, LA needs time to develop into their new kobeless team. But if both Ingram and Russell can become the player the Lakers hope, LA could have found two cornerstone players that could once again bring success back to the purple and gold.


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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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