New Orleans Pelicans Season Preview

Let’s have a moment on silence for Anthony Davis please.

Not only has Davis been subjected to having some of the most unreliable teammates of all time due to injury and not-so-good talent, but Davis has struggled with the injury bug as well. Not sure if the Pelicans are cursed by some bad voodoo or something, but it seems like it!

Whether it is injuries, bad trades, bad draft picks, or just plain being bad, New Orleans just can not get out of the mud. When healthy, Tyreke Evens is one of the best slashing point forwards in the NBA. He is a solid free throw shooter and an even better penetrator. However, he has not been able to stay healthy since Sacramento (and even there, he had his injury problems).

Jrue Holiday, who also has dealt with his injury history, was entering the season full healthy and ready to go until something tragic befell his family. ┬áHis lovely wife, Lauren Holiday who is a professional soccer player. She’s represented her country as a member of the US Womens National Team. While eight months pregnant, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Jrue has decided to miss time from the season to care for his wife, much respect to Jrue Holiday for that as there are definitely things bigger than basketball.

There were several key additions that could help the Pelicans next season. Terrence Jones was a huge pick to play alongside Davis. This move allows Davis to solely focus on playing at the center position, which should give him certain matchup advantages. Terrence’s struggled the last two years with injury (there goes that word again) with the Rockets, but a heathy Jones will help more New Orleans than hurt. Not too mention he and Davis were college teammates.

Lance Stephenson was another pick up this offseason. That’s all that needs to be said about that… moving on.

Now we get to rookie Buddy Hield. Being arguably the best shooter coming out of this years draft, Hield should have an impact right away in the league. He, playing along side Davis, will give him a great opportunity to grow as a player and make a statement in the NBA. Buddy is a good player and if he turns into the player the Pelicans hope for him to, New Orleans could make it all the way back to the playoffs. Also, Hield will have nothing but opportunity which should put him in the runnings for Rookie of the Year.

Davis recently sprained his ankle in a preseason game, causing him to be out 10-15 days. Hopefully, this is not a microcosm of the entire season this year. No Davis means no chance for New Orleans.



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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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