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New Redskins Safety Comes with a Huge Chip On His Shoulder

On Wednesday, Washington signed free agent strong safety Donte Whitner. He’s in his 11th season, having been a 3 time pro-bowler from 2012 – 2014 with the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. This move comes after starting safeties Deangelo Hall and David Bruton Jr got sent to injured reserve in consecutive weeks. Whitner is a quality safety who is stout in run support and a big hitter, he will add that physical presence that is needed to Washington’s  safety position.

He’s not great in coverage, but brings much needed experience to the secondary. Similar to Vernon Davis and Dashon Goldson last season, he’s been a part of the culture that the Redskins are trying to establish.

One may ask why Whitner is just now getting on a roster, in a quick Wednesday interview with DC sports station, Inside The Locker Room on ESPN 980, Whitner answered that question. He called this period of free agency “stressful”. Whitner was released late at the start of 2016 Free Agency, a month after it had began type of late.

When asked by Inside The Locker Room member Brian Mitchell, “How much adrenaline do you feel now that you getting that opportunity to get back out there?”

He responded:

“I have so much adrenaline, when you feel like you counted out, you have to go and prove yourself to this team and prove to yourself you can still play with this team and work out, it’s such an adrenaline boost and I don’t think I would even have to work out or be in shape to go out there and show what I showed.” Also stating “Im just appreciative, they(Washington) going to get everything that I have here, from being released by Cleveland Browns knowing I can still play the game and knowing someone possibly had a personal vendetta to do it so late like that, it puts an added chip on my shoulder.” Whitner also stated he believes he will continue to play at a Pro Bowl level, it sounds like Washington has possibly found another solid mid-season free agent.

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