New York Knicks Season Preview

The Knicks will either be really good this season or really bad.

Derrick Rose is not the Derrick Rose of old. Gone are the days where Rose would rise up and throw down a thunderous dunk on a fast break. Gone are the days where we as fans shout “Rose is the most athletic point guard in NBA history”. Due to a laundry list of injuries, Rose is not the same player we all fell in love with. Get this; last season, Rose only had one dunk (ONE!). Rose did play the most games (66) last season since his MVP campaign back in 2010-11.

Along with Rose, the Knick acquired Joakim Noah, Brandon Jennings, and three-and-D guard Courtney Lee. Jennings and Lee are solid pick-ups that will help New York out immensely with scoring both off the bench and at the two spot. Jennings and Rose can be capable distributors at times, which will help Carmelo Anthony play more off ball and allow Kristaps Porzingis to continue his development.

Lets talk about Noah and that contract (4-years, $72 million). Yes, when healthy he is one of the best defensive, passing centers in the league. However, Noah has never been a great offensive threat and over the last two years, it has gotten worse. The 31-years old has been hampered by  knee and shoulder injuries the last few years. So how does that translate into a four year deal?

The Knicks has more than enough offense now, but you can find something better than a injury prone, non-offensive threat center like Noah. Especially when considering the amount of money that was spent.

New York will need Rose, Melo, and Noah to stay healthy this year if they hope to go deep in the playoffs. At this point, asking all three of them to stay healthy is like asking Stephen Curry not to shoot a wide open three pointer, just does not happen.

They say in gambling, in order to win, you have to be ready to lose it all. The Knicks have rolled the dice with Rose and this entire roster as a whole.

It is time to see if they walk away winers or not.




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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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