Philadelphia 76ers Season Preview

It is crazy what can happen in a week!

The 76ers have been historically bad for some time now. To put this into perspective, over the past four years, the Sixers have managed a whooping 84-247 record. Let that sink in for a second.

Former team manager Sam Hinkie urged fans to “Trust the process,” as the organization would openly tank to get top draft picks and potential star players. This in turn, made the Sixers virtually unwatchable (seeing as in four year, the Sixers have had only 3 nationally televised games in that time span).

Sixers fans everywhere rejoiced when in 2013, when they landed big man Nerlens Noel from Kentucky via draft night trade with New Orleans. Their dreams quickly shattered after finding out he would be sidelined his entire rookie year due a torn ACL.

A similar incident happened in 2014, when the Sixers got the number three pick, in which they drafted Kansas big man Joel Embiid. Again, another dimmer of light was shinned on a promising season/future. But like Noel, Embiid had an injury (foot) that kept him sidelined his entire rookie season; AND the season after that.

Getting big man Jahlil Okafor from Duke last season did not help much as the Sixers recored their second worst season in team history (10-72).  Philly had developed a culture of losing that stunk up the whole NBA. But all of that was suppose to change this season (key work: Suppose).

LSU product Ben Simmons is a special talent. Having the height of a big man (6’10), the ball handling and court vision of a guard, and the high I.Q, comparisons to LeBron James and even Magic Johnson flooded the NBA landscape. So when Philly took him number one, the heavens had opened. Simmons, along with a healthy Embiid (finally), Noel, and Okafor, was seen as the “New hope” for the seemingly hopeless Sixers.

And now we are back to the first statement of this article. Reports out of Philly say that Simmons has fractured his foot and is reported to miss 6-8 weeks. That’s not the worst part though! Other reports are saying Simmons own agent wants him to miss the entire season for recovery. So first Noel, then Embiid, and now Simmons. The Philly curse continues.

With Embiid starting his rookie campaign this season (FINALLY) and other developing big men in the rotation,

The Sixers will win some games this season. Just not many.

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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