Verdict in, Rose prepares for opening night

A jury cleared Derrick Rose of all charges yesterday, along with his two childhood friends. Rose and his two friends were accused of raping his ex-girlfriend on August 27, 2013, according to The plaintiff, who was suing Rose for 21.5 million, alleged that he along with his friends placed a drug in her drink that night. What isn’t in question is that the three men had sex with the plaintiff, the question is whether it was consensual or not.

It’s an extremely sensitive subject, but the jury came to their conclusion based on a lack of evidence. The same should be said for the defendant For more information regarding yesterday’s verdict, we encourage you to read this piece published in the Chicago Tribune.

From a basketball standpoint, this means Rose can now focus on the up incoming season with the New York Knicks. Barring health, there are many who feel that they could possibly give the defending champs a run for the Eastern Conference title. Rose hasn’t played in any of the preseason games, but he looks to make his debut in a New York Knicks jersey on opening night in Cleveland.

After finishing 32-50 in the previous season and failing to make the playoffs, the Knicks hope to turn that around this season courtesy of their offseason additions. Joining Rose in New York are Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah. Derrick has been plagued with injuries since his 2011-2012 season with the Chicago Bulls. Last season he played 66 games for the Bulls, which is the most he’s played since the aforementioned season.

Rose averaged 16.4 points per game and 4.7 assist per game in his last season as a member of the Bull. He would up helping Chicago to an above .500 record of 42-40, but they failed to make the playoffs as they finished ninth in the standings. Chicago had previously qualified for the playoffs each season, finishing first in the Eastern Conference a couple of times, but last season was the first time they didn’t make it since the start of the Rose era.

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