College Football Top 4: Second Week

In a night where the state of the country was waiting on who will be our next President, college football fans watched to see the unveiling of the most recent rankings of teams and how the committee voted on who are the top 4 teams in the country.

Doesn’t matter if you were voting Hillary or Donald, you know where you stood. In regards to the College Football Committee, fans didn’t want another week of raised eyebrows and “what the…?” type of reactions.  Just as the committee didn’t want to deal with the tough questions that needed to be answered.  So…

This week’s top 4:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide – After out lasting the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge Saturday night in a defensive battle 10-0,the Tide still remain the top dawg in the College Football Playoff according to the committee. Despite the low scoring output, the committee feels that the Tide is still the team to beat in the nation.  With their next big test coming at the end of the season against rival Auburn in the “Iron Bowl”, the Tide once again control their own destiny to walk into the Peach Bowl December 31st by taking care of business the rest of the way.
  1. Clemson Tigers – Still at No. 2 for the second week the Tigers looked to have got their mojo back after early season struggles against lesser opponents. Of course the win against Auburn is now looking more and more impressive with the way Auburn is playing now.  Deshaun Watson may have fallen from grace regarding the Heisman, as most of the attention has gravitate solely to Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. This has given Watson the opportunity to focus on his team performance in finishing the season strong and the chance to maintain the goal set out at the end of last season.
  1. Michigan Wolverines – This is a team that has been dominant all season in every phase of the game. Destructive on defense, methodical on offense, and they have one of the most dynamic all-round players in the country, Jabrill Peppers. Michigan, much like the Crimson Tide controls its destiny. It all falls in the hands of how they play at the end of the season with a rivalry game against Ohio State who would love to do nothing more than hurt Michigan’s chances to be part of the Playoffs.
  1. Washington Huskies – After being disrespected in a lot of eyes across the nation last week in the initial committee rankings by being placed at No. 5, the Huskies took that frustration to the field. Beating a good California team , well blowing them out on their own field.  Now ranked where they belong, a rejuvenated USC squad is coming to Seattle on Saturday. Will the Huskies feel the same pressure that the Aggies and wilt under the pressure causing another domino effect and chaos to take place?

The College Football Playoff Committee has rectified their mistake from last week.  Though they may not think it was a mistake when they placed the Washington Huskies in the No. 4 spot this week.  There are a lot of complications in deciding on who should be in and that’s fair. However, if you’re undefeated, regardless of who you have played, you should be able to reap the rewards of going through your competition unblemished.


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