Durant, Warriors get their first look at Westbrook

From 1-on-1 interviews to subliminal social media posts, It has not be an easy break-up for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

When Durant joined the 73-9 Golden State Warriors (after losing to them in the Western Conference), the whole sports world ran to the calendar and circled November 3rd with the reddest marker they could find! Everybody will be front and center to see both Durant and Westbrook for the first time since Durant’s departure. After Durant making statements about his love for playing with his new “unselfish teammates” and Westbrook with the “cupcake Instagram post” animosity will be at a all time high come game day.

Be it only four games in, Westbrook has been on a tear this season. He has led his team to a 4-0 record (granted three of those wins were against the Sixers, Lakers, and Suns). Night after night, destroying rims with a fury that only Westbrook brings to the game. He is averaging 37.8 points per game (thanks to a 51 point triple double against the Suns), 10 assists, and 10.5 rebounds a game. Westbrook has the chance to become the first player since Oscar Robertson to finish the season averaging a triple double. Westbrook has flourished since Durant left, and do not expect that to stop anytime soon.

PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America
PHOTO CREDIT: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America

Durant hasn’t exactly been a slouch on his new team. Looking over their 29 point loss against Spurs in game one (even though he did drop 27 and 10), Durant and the Warriors have shown glimpses of just how unstoppable their offense can be. With Durant being a seven foot point-forward (and being one of the best shooters in the entire league), he has displayed his dominance at times on Golden State. Along with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Durant and the Warriors has a chance to be scary good once they get it all figured out.

Break-ups are hard. There is no denying that, but Durant and Westbrook have shown the world that they are unstoppable forces both together and apart. Westbrook has been on a rampage this whole season and tonight that rampage will make it’s next stop in Golden State.

PHOTO CREDIT: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America
PHOTO CREDIT: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America


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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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