Where Curry and Thompson stack up in history

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have proven to be the best back court in the NBA today. Curry is considered by many as the greatest shooter in NBA history and along with his ball handling, he’s beginning to creep into the “greatest point guards of all times” list. Thompson is not too far behind Curry shooting wise and his ability to defend at the highest level makes him one of the better two-way players in the NBA. Curry and Thompson are undoubtedly the best back court in the NBA today, but they could be the greatest back court of all time.

PHOTO CREDIT: Dan Holmes/detroitathletic
PHOTO CREDIT: Dan Holmes/detroit athletic

Looking back in history, the NBA has had some all-time great back courts. From Portland greats Terry Porter & Clyde Drexler, Detroit’s Isiah Thomas & Joe Dumars, Chicago’s Michael Jordan & Ron Harper, Boston’s Bob Cousy & Sam Jones , Spur’s Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili, and even L.A. Lakers’ Magic Johnson & Byron Scott, the NBA had many historical back courts. So what makes Curry and Thompson the greatest? Their impact on the outcome of a game, that’s how.

PHOTO CREDIT:Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America
PHOTO CREDIT:Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

Let’s look at them individually first. Curry is arguably the greatest shooter ever. He can seemingly shoot from anywhere on the court with unseen accuracy and his ball handling makes him virtually unguardable. He has an NBA record with 402 made threes in a season, which he did last season (which is better than 14 of the 15 greatest three point shooting teams between the years of 1980-1994.) Curry became the first unanimous league MVP (becoming the one of three point guards to win the MVP multiple times, which were Magic Johnson and Steve Nash). He was the first player since Michael Jordan to lead the league in both points and steals in a single season. And last but certainly not least, Curry is the only player in NBA history to average 30 points in a season while shooting 50 percent from the field. Curry can go toe-to-toe in the history books with any on the many NBA great point guards throughout the years, while Thompson can do more than hold his own for shooting guards.

Thompson is considered in many basketball groups as the second greatest shooter in NBA history. He has an NBA record for most points in a quarter with 37. He also holds an NBA playoff record with most threes made in a single NBA playoff game with 11 (which he did against the Oklahoma City Thunder). For all of his offensive exploits, Klay is one of the top defenders in the NBA today. Thompson always draws the task of guarding the opposing teams best guard from night to night, whether it is Russell Westbrook one night or James Harden the next. Along with Curry’s ability to play the passing lanes at a high level, Both Thompson and Curry are a nightmare for anyone on both ends of the floor.

PHOTO CREDIT:Jamie Squire/Getty Images South America
PHOTO CREDIT:Jamie Squire/Getty Images South America

Curry and Thompson lead the Golden State Warriors to the greatest regular season in NBA history at 73-9 last year. They came a incredible three point shot from Kyrie Irving away from becoming two-time NBA Champions. Oh, and adding four time scoring champion and former MVP Kevin Durant not hurt either. With both Curry and Thompson on the floor together, teams not only have to worry about a floor of threes, but two guards that play the passing lanes better than any two in the league today. Curry is not the best on-ball defender, but Klay is! Klay is not the best at playing the passing lane, but Curry is!

Yes, Klay Thompson is struggling with his shot right now to start this season, but do not expect that to last very long. It might be too early to dub Curry and Thompson as the greatest back court in NBA history, but their argument continues to get louder and louder as the season continues.

PHOTO CREDIT:Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America
PHOTO CREDIT:Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

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Jalen Hunter is an NBA writer for My Mind on Sports.

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4 Thoughts to “Where Curry and Thompson stack up in history”

  1. Eddie McDonald

    Totally think they are the best backcourt in NBA history. All the reasons you listed are spot on and that’s what makes the the best and most dynamic we’ve ever seen.

    1. Jalenhunter1

      I totally agree!

    2. Jalenhunter1

      Yes. Curry is a once in a generation Shooter and Klay compliments him perfectly.

  2. Kelvin Mines

    I agree with everything you said and I too think they are the best backcourt in NBA history. It might be a long time before another team has a better backcourt than them two.

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