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Terps use depth to conquer Badgers

Maryland came into Wednesday night undefeated in the Big Ten and with Wisconsin coming to town, they made sure to leave the night undefeated. The game started off different as Destiny Slocum was unable to play because of an illness. Her presence was definitely missed as the team finished the night with a combined 13 assists (they haven’t been this low as a team since early in the season). Even though the ball movement wasn’t as fluid, their defense was heightened as the team forced 17 steals.

From beginning to end the Terps dominated, holding the Badgers to 40 points for the game and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough led all scorers with 22 points on 8-of-9 shooting. That would give her four consecutive games of scoring at least 20 points. With Maryland scheduled to play Ohio State on Monday, they will need everyone to bring their “A game” to solidify their number two ranking ahead of Big Ten tournament play and ultimately the NCAA tournament.


Defense is a major key: Maryland stepped up to the plate and delivered. Holding Wisconsin to 40 points and having 17 steals. To try and say that Maryland can replicate the numbers is highly unlikely, however if they can keep up this intensity I don’t see anyone keeping up with them.

No Slocum: This game proved to every Terp fan how vital Destiny Slocum is. She missed the game due to an illness and not having her out there showed. The team wasn’t moving the ball with the same Pizzazz and finesse. The team finished with 13 assists compared to the usual 20-25 assists they get with Destiny on the court.

Depth: With Maryland having the #1 recruiting class, the consistent theme for the season is how talented their depth is. Players like Blair Watson, Sarah Myers, Brianna Fraser and Kiah Gillespie got some quality minutes and they proved that if Maryland ever needed a spark, they definitely have the pieces to succeed.

Where wasn’t Shatori: Watching the game, Shatori Walker-Kimbrough was literally everywhere. Whether she was bringing up the ball possession after possession, only missing one shot the whole game or finishing with five steals, she couldn’t be stopped. She displayed why she is so valuable to the time and left no doubt that she is one of the best players in the country.


A thread of my live game tweets available here

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