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There’s a few options at 17 that may start a riot in Washington

There has been a lot of speculation by fans and draft analysts alike as to which team would draft who. It’s prime mock draft season, even though when draft day comes around, most of the mocks aren’t very accurate.

When it comes to the Redskins, there’s been common position groups that many are in favor of and there are some in which fans would be absolutely mind blown as to why they took them so early. So here are five position groups that aren’t necessarily off the table for Washington, that will create the most controversy if selected in the first round.

Running Back. While I must acknowledge this can create a lot of excitement, at the same time it can very well cause a lot of agony for fans who are strictly in favor of defense in the first round. The Redskins need a dynamic player in the backfield, which is why they can consider taking a back at 17.

Cornerback. I know a lot of people have seen the performance of the secondary last year and ask “why exactly would this be an issue?” It’s important for people not to panic after a very down season for this group. Bashaud Breeland prior to 2016 was considered one of the best young corners in the game, Josh Norman’s reputation on the field is known as well. Sometimes coaching is more of a factor for subpar performances than the players. Drafting a corner in Round 1 when safety is still a need, as well as the issues in the front seven would cause some controversy for sure.

Tight End. Many can argue that the best receiving tight end in the NFL resides with the Redskins. With Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis making a very solid tight end duo, drafting O.J. Howard or David Njoku would create some noise (not in a good way) that would question the team’s building strategy. This would be in play because the Redskins can’t count on Jordan Reed for a full 16 games and the Redskins still lack a complete tight end who can be a factor in both the passing and running game.

Wider Receiver. Last year’s first round selection for some fans was wild enough as it is, selecting wide receiver Josh Doctson as the team’s first pick in the 2016 draft. On paper the Redskins have a very young and solid receiving core, a lot of the team’s 2017 plans hinge on Doctson being available this year. That being said, spending another first round pick on a wideout makes little sense. You might as well change the team’s name from the Redskins to the Lions.

Quarterback. Obviously we know the stir drafting a quarterback at 17 would cause. Kirk Cousins is on a franchise tag currently, no one truly knows the intentions of the front office even though they’ve stated they are working to keep Cousins here long term. Only time will tell if that is or was truly their goal. So with proper planning, quarterback may be on the table for Washington as they know future can’t be predicted. Getting a guy who they think can be Cousins successor can’t hurt with all the uncertainty surrounding his situation, but taking one in the first round may be too early.

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