The NFL Player Carousel Has Begun to Spin

There was one notable personnel change on the sidelines last week. Now we are starting to see some action on the players side. We had a couple of trades as well as some shuffling on the depth charts. We’re reaching that point in the season where injuries start to pile up, teams are looking to tweak their lineups to make a push or to be blunt, folks are removing dead weight. With about 40% of the season done, it’s a good time to start moving some pieces around.

Let’s start with the biggest fish, Jalen Ramsey. He finally got his wish and was dealt from Jacksonville to the Rams yesterday. If there could be a winner declared in all of this I guess it would have to be Ramsey. He got out of a bad situation with the Jaguars and landed in a more desirable spot with the Rams. Although Los Angeles has been sputtering along this season standing at 3-3, they are clearly a more talented team that Jacksonville. But they have their issues as well.

The Rams have holes in the offensive line and at linebacker and signing Ramsey crippled them severely in addressing those deficiencies. LA won’t have a first round draft pick until 2022 so they will miss out on the most highly sought after linemen prospects. And with the money they will need to spend to secure Ramsey’s services long term, getting a big name in free agency at that position is out of the question. They traded for Austin Corbett but he has been average at best. This is definitely an issue they will have to rectify if they plan to regain their form as Super Bowl contenders.

They obviously do not plan to let Ramsey hit free agency in 2021 so they will undoubtedly have to shell out some cash to keep him. The Rams attempted to bolster up their linebacking corps with getting Kenny Young from Baltimore but in that transaction they also lost their second best cornerback in Marcus Peters. After placing Aqib Talib on IR earlier in the week, going all in for Ramsey makes immediate sense.

We may not see the full benefit of acquiring Ramsey this season but having Talib and Ramsey at the corners next year and assuming the latter doesn’t display the same erratic behavior he displayed throughout his tenure in Jacksonville, the Rams could end up on the winning side of this trade.

We also saw some shakeup at the quarterback position this week. The Titans and Dolphins pulled their starters mid-game on Sunday.

Josh Rosen was relieved by Ryan Fitzpatrick in a loss to the Redskins. Although Head Coach Brian Flores has announced Rosen will remain the starter moving forward, this can’t be completely reassuring for him as Fitzpatrick soundly outplayed him in the second half of a near comeback. Rosen supplanted Fitzpatrick as the starter in Week 1 but has led the Dolphins to a winless season up to this point.

The quarterback waters for the Titans are looking rather murky as well following a 16-0 loss to the Broncos. Ryan Tannehill stepped in for Mariota in the third quarter of an overall dismal performance and continued to underwhelm as the Titans fell on the road. Coach Mike Vrabel has not announced a decision as of yet in regards to who will start against the Chargers this week. I’m sure most would agree that he is not in the most enviable of positions given his choices. The feeling is that Tennessee will move on from both Mariota and Tannehill come season’s end and start from scratch as they are both in a contract year.

We’ve already seen some major quarterback changes this year with Luck retiring, Eli being replaced by Daniel Jones and Big Ben, Drew Brees and Cam Newton going down with injuries. There is sure to be more action on that front. The Bengals currently sit at 0-6. Pretty sure the winds of change will be blowing in that direction very soon.

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