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“Humble and Hungry” the theme of this year’s camp

There are two words that are the key to a successful life and a career filled with continuous improvement and growth. Those two words are “Humble” and “Hungry.” Webster’s dictionary defines the word humble as “not arrogant or assertive; reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission.” defines the word hungry as “To maintain a strong… Read More

Interview With Grinnell Star Jack Taylor

Growing up, Jack Taylor had dreams about securing a scholarship to play basketball at the Division 1 level. If Taylor had his way, he would have stayed in-state to play for his hometown school—the University of Wisconsin—coached by Bo Ryan, who was in attendance at a few of Taylor’s AAU tournaments. “Playing for Wisconsin would have been a dream come true for me.” Judging by his… Read More

Introducing the Effortless Stream of Motion that is Paul George

I’m not sure how you feel about it, but to me, basketball is an art form. The offensive scheme to defensive pressure. The crossover to the in and out. From the blocked shot to the well-timed layup. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing in the world of sports than a well-played game of basketball. In the NBA, you’ll find that on… Read More