Milestones Reached by Future Hall of Famers

Frank Gore and Larry Fitzgerald are two players that won’t get the proper respect each deserve until they hang up the cleats. You can realistically make a case for either player being the most underrated player of all-time. Both are all-time great players whose careers in a sense, mirror each other’s. This past Sunday, both players set new career milestones,… Read More
NFL Redskins 

Failure To Make Critical Stops Costs Washington Late

Washington was in a battle with a desperate Arizona team on their last breath as they fought for a possible wild card berth. A tough matchup for the Skins for sure, as the offense faced off against the top defensive unit in the league. Washington’s defense faced elite talents at both receiver and running back, a decent distributor in Carson… Read More

Larry Fitzgerald is a class act

The game of football is arguably the most violent sport one can play. The emotions of the game run high and players are focused on the task at hand. Over the course of a 60-minute game, there will be highs and lows, especially in a tightly contested game. These highs and lows are highlighted even more during the playoffs. One… Read More

A Revengeful Homecoming?

For those of you that predicted that the Cardinals would lead the NFC West and the Bengals would be 8-1 heading into Week 11,  you were right. Although, I suspect you were in the minority in that prediction. It goes to show you why the NFL is so beloved and unpredictable at the same time. As the old saying goes,… Read More